Cantaloupe + Chamomile Sidecar Cocktail

Cantaloupe + Chamomile Sidecar Cocktail Recipe by Deco Tartelette
Oh the sidecar…it’s really hard to make a classic cocktail better than it already is-it’s a classic for a reason! Well, until cantaloupe and chamomile came along and decided to make this gorgeous sidecar the superlative summer cocktail! When cantaloupe season peaks in California, I truly eat a small melon everyday. There is nothing more refreshing than a cool melon on a hot summer day, don’t cha think? This Cantaloupe + Chamomile Sidecar Cocktail will make your guests swoon at your next festive gathering or fix one for yourself after a long day lounging in the sun…happy cocktail shaking!

Cantaloupe + Chamomile Sidecar Cocktail

Makes 4 cocktails
Juice from 1 small, ripe organic cantaloupe
1/2 cup organic chamomile tea, chilled
2 ounces orange liquor
6 ounces brandy
Juice from 2 lemons
Handful of ice

Cantaloupe + Chamomile Sidecar Cocktail Recipe by Deco Tartelette
Juice the cantaloupe by simply blending cubed pieces in a blender and straining through a fine mesh sieve. Depending on the size of your cocktail shaker, you may have to cut the recipe in half and make in two batches. Place all ingredients in a cocktail shaker. Shake vigorously for about 15 seconds. Strain into a glass of your choice. Garnish with edible, organic chamomile flowers or a wedge of cantaloupe.

If you are looking for more cantaloupe cocktails, our Cantaloupe + Rose Sugar Martini is another favorite!

Recipe + Photography by Cassie Winslow

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