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March 2017



Sunshine has arrived…

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Glorious bright pink Ranunculus| Deco Tartelette
Glorious ranunculus and my favorite new heels

J. Crew Signet Bag | Deco Tartelette
Tried the newest coffee shop in town, Cat + Cloud, which did not disappoint…and a lady can’t have too many pink bags

Blooming Magnolias | Deco Tartelette
The magnolias are starting to bloom all over town…

Self Portrait Azaelea Dress in Black | Deco Tartelette
Frolicking through the blossoms at this time last year…

Line + Dot Tweed Blazer via Anthropologie | Deco Tartelette
Late afternoon {decaf} coffee runs have become part of the daily routine…where even the wallpaper is verdant.

Verve Coffee Santa Cruz | Deco Tartelette
I’m loving this lively installation at Verve Coffee in Santa Cruz…

Lilac Palomas | Deco Tartelette
Looking forward to shaking up some Lilac Palomas soon!

Spring blooms | Deco Tartelette
Spring is my absolute favorite time of year…it’s a dream come true to be surrounded by flowers. What are your favorite spring blooms?

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Photography by Cassie Winslow + Nicholas Winslow



February 2017




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Riomaggiore Cinque Terre | Deco Tartelette
Riomaggiore…the southernmost village in the Cinque Terre. It’s so picturesque and full of character…

Riomaggiore | Deco Tartelette
Our journey in getting from Menton to Riomaggiore was an adventure in itself. We woke up early to catch the morning train from Menton and discovered there was a train strike as we arrived at the station. With the help of a friendly lady from Turin, we finally made our way to Riomaggiore before nightfall…to sum it up, it included a taxi drive, two seemingly random train rides, lots of walking, some running, lots of waiting, and a sunset boat ride.

Riomaggiore | Deco Tartelette
Our Airbnb host was very flexible during the disarray of our day which made the journey less stressful. By the time we checked-in to our accommodations we were eager to find a place to dine. Tucked into the narrow stone streets, we found a little restaurant just up the hill from our flat. We gobbled up their famous gnocchi con pesto whilst listening to the waves splash into the harbor. It was all quite lovely. We made our way back to the Airbnb where we fell asleep listening to the sea and conversations and laughter from the diners on the street below.

Riomaggiore Airbnb | Deco Tartelette
After discovering that most of the trail throughout the Cinque Terre was closed for trail maintenance, we decided to take it easy and rest on the beach after many days of traveling throughout Europe (see our trip to London here and here, to Paris here and here, and to Menton).

Riomaggiore | Deco Tartelette

Riomaggiore | Deco Tartelette
The next day, the train was up and running again so we were off to Monterosso Al Mare to luxuriate beside the sea. We rented a couple of chaise lounges for the day, sipped on Limonata and waded in the Mediterranean…

Riomaggiore | Deco Tartelette
We ate our way through the villages, indulging in delicious focaccia and gelato…

Riomaggiore | Deco TarteletteBest Focaccia in Riomaggiore | Deco Tartelette
A favorite in Riomaggiore was Da Paolino. We went there a handful of times for snacks during our stay. I loved the pizza con pesto tricolore…it was divine…

Cinque Terre | Deco Tartelette
We spent our mornings walking around the villages and exploring. With every climb came new views and with every turn, a new adventure. It was so relaxing and beautiful. We enjoyed taking the ferry to each village…it was a lovely way to see the charm of the Cinque Terre…

Riomaggiore | Deco Tartelette
Our visit was during the first week of October and there were quite a few tourists during the day. However, early mornings and evenings provided an opportunity to pretend you had the place to yourself. Just you and the locals…

Riomaggiore Cinque Terre | Deco Tartelette
I will always remember this magical place…

Where in Italy have you been? What are some of your favorite Italian memories?

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Photography by Cassie Winslow + Nicholas Winslow



January 2017



LALA Land Part 2…

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Donut Snob Donuts Los Angeles | Deco Tartelette
We were back in LA last weekend for a few days of adventure…we explored, enjoyed the sunshine, and ate some of our favorite goodies…

Donut Snob makes the best donuts I’ve ever had hands down. They are a delivery-only company yet sometimes you can find their donuts at coffee shops around LA…we were able to snag a few of their mini donuts at The Assembly Cafe in Beverly Hills…

Alfred Coffee in the Alley Los Angeles | Deco Tartelette
Alfred Coffee has locations throughout Los Angeles including this gem in an alleyway off of Melrose.

Alfred Coffee Los Angeles | Deco Tartelette
Their coffee is incredible and at this particular location, they also serve delicious bagel sandwiches…it’s very photogenic as you can see…

Splendid for Anthropologie Rugby Striped Duster Sweater | Deco Tartelette
Rufus is always thrilled when we return to LA…he insists on photoshoots at the famous Pink Wall off Melrose…

Jon and Vinny's Los Angeles | Deco Tartelette
Jon and Vinny’s is one of our favorite new restaurants in LA…everything is so fresh and scrumptious! I highly recommend their LA Woman Pizza…

Bottega Louie | Deco Tartelette
Bottega Louie should be a must-stop on every Los Angeles travel itinerary. The food is delicious and the space is gorgeous.

Magpies Soft Serve Silverlake Los Angeles | Deco Tartelette
Magpies Softserve is wonderful! They make their softserve from scratch in-house in addition to all of their toppings. It’s such a treat! It’s hidden away in a mini strip mall…so LA…

J. Crew Velvet Flats | Deco Tartelette
No matter the time of year, lounging by the pool is always an option…a much needed kiss from the sun in the middle of winter…

Huckleberry Santa Monica | Deco Tartelette
One of our favorite ways to spend a Saturday morning in Los Angeles is in Santa Monica. We stop at Huckleberry, and take our breakfast to the beach. We then head to Record Surplus to stock up on classic vinyl.

If you are a classic movie fan, you have to check out the Nuart and the Aero Theatre
Santa Monica also has a lovely farmers’ market on Saturday mornings…

Hollywood Farmers' Market Los Angeles | Deco Tartelette
If you miss the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market on Saturday, the Hollywood market on Sundays is spectacular.

Hollywood Farmers' Market | Deco Tartelette
No matter the time of year, it feels like summer. It’s the middle of January and I went home with blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, heirloom cherry tomatoes, edible flowers, and every color of citrus one can imagine. I make sure to always stop at Roan Mills Bakery. They mill their own flour and their breads are out of this world.

Pink Wall Los Angeles | Deco Tartelette
By the way, we have some very exciting news…we are expecting! I am 21 weeks along and we are having a little girl…more to come on our growing Tartelette family!

Hop on over to LALA Land Part 1 to see more of our favorite spots in LA…

SHOP: Ribbed Tee: Anthropologie, Rugby Stripe Duster: Splendid, Skinny Jeans (Maternity) non-maternity here: Citizens of Humanity, Oxfords: Everlane, Sunglasses: Super

Photography by Cassie Winslow and Nicholas Winslow



January 2017



Colorful Menton…

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Menton Harbor | Deco Tartelette
I still dream of this colorful village on the French Riviera…it was definitely one of the highlights of our trip. It is absolutely gorgeous with so much history and charm. The locals were so friendly! When we were booking our journey to Europe (see our posts on London and Paris too!), we wanted to visit a place that wasn’t very touristy. We had read that Menton is the Pearl of France (it is!) and because it is somewhat off the beaten path, it’s charming streets were not so heavy with the footprints of visitors.

Menton France | Deco Tartelette
Menton definitely lived up to our expectations. It had a calm energy and was full of bright colors and delightful locals.

Beach in Menton France | Deco Tartelette
We arrived to Menton via train from Paris and had booked two nights at an Airbnb…we had no plan but to spend our days at the rocky beach, sipping cocktails and enjoying the sunshine of the Riviera…and that’s exactly what we did.

Menton Airbnb View | Deco Tartelette
The view from our Airbnb was endearing. We spent our mornings sipping coffee on the patio. We went to the neighborhood market and stocked up our kitchen with goodies. We were looking forward to taking a break from restaurants and eating simple meals on our patio, breathing in the air from the glorious Mediterranean Sea.

Menton | Deco Tartelette

Menton France | Deco Tartelette
Menton is nestled on the edge of the Franco-Italian border so the village provides a wonderful mix of French and Italian culture and architecture.

Menton | Deco Tartelette

Menton | Deco Tartelette

French Riviera Menton | Deco Tartelette
We did venture out to a seaside restaurant for lunch after lounging on the beach all morning. We ordered mussels and frites and housemade spaghetti with a light red sauce and fresh mozzarella…

Menton | Deco Tartelette
We walked to the harbor at sunset and shared a nutella crepe from a crepe stand unusually paired with a Menton classic, fresh lemonade. It was delightful in every way.

Menton | Deco Tartelette
We wish our stay had been longer in Menton…it was so wonderful and relaxing. Our next stop? Riomaggiore! Stay tuned…

Shop: Dress Reformation, Boater Hat: Lack of Colour for Free People, similar here, Handbag: J.Crew c/o, Striped Blouse: J.Crew, Sunglasses: Karen Walker

Photography by Nicholas Winslow + Cassie Winslow



December 2016



:: Paris, Part 2 ::

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River Seine Paris via Deco Tartelette
The day we walked all over Paris…oh my! We covered a lot of ground in one day…we were so thrilled to be there that with jet lag still haunting us, we were running off of pure adrenaline and cafe au laits.

River Seine | Deco Tartelette

metro paris via deco tartelette
We took the Metro from Montmartre to Rue Cler to pick up some goodies for a picnic by the Eiffel Tower. The Metro was super simple to use…we pre-purchased 10 tickets/5 rides each which was perfect for two days.

Rue Cler | Deco Tartelette
Rue Cler is famous for its specialty shops…1 street filled with bakeries, charcuteries, fromageries, flower shops…we grabbed a baguette (but of course), a bottle of wine, and cheeses aplenty and headed toward the Champ de Mars to nibble on our goodies and take in the view.

Eiffel Tower | Deco Tartelette

eiffel tower via deco tartelette

Pont Alexandre III | Deco Tartelette
After filling our bellies with rich treats, we set off to walk along the River Seine. We found ourselves walking all day which was lovely.

Jardin de Tuileries | Deco Tartelette
We walked through the Jardin de Tuileries where we kicked up our feet for a bit, watching families take their daily stroll and kiddos hopping off and on the carousel.

jardin de tuileries | deco tartelette

j crew handbag paris via Deco Tartelette
After stopping for a few cappuccinos along the way, we finally made it to Paris’ Left Bank in the 6th Arrondissement.

chez leveque paris | deco tartelette
I absolutely loved this area. Full of so much history and delightful corners everywhere you turned…it was magical.

shakespeare and co paris | deco tartelette
We stopped to pick up a novel at Shakespeare and Co. before heading to the Notre Dame to watch the sunset over the River Seine.

les deux magots paris via deco tartelette
Before heading back to Montmartre, we stopped at Les Deux Magots for dinner. Classic Paris…

See Part 1 of our Paris adventure here!

For our trip, all I brought was a small handbag and this backpack. Yep, that’s it. I went back and forth about it for awhile before we departed, especially since this was our first trip to Europe. I wanted to bring everything with me of course, yet also wanted to have the ability to get up and go, hands-free. I’m so happy I went this route. I packed staples that layered well and somehow didn’t even wear everything I brought. Our excursion was 15 days total and we typically did a small load of laundry at each of our Airbnbs…

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Photography by Nicholas Winslow + Cassie Winslow
Film Photography shot with an Olympus 35RC



November 2016



:: Paris, Part 1 ::

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paris airbnb via deco tartelette
We began our 2 day adventure in Paris lounging in cafes, drinking coffee, and people watching…this set the tone for our weekend in the City of Lights. We were so entranced by the Parisian pace of life… everyone seemed to be taking their time. Beauty and charm were everywhere, especially in Montmartre where we rented a perfectly Parisian apartment perched atop a quintessentially French building complete with a view of the Eiffel Tower.

Montmartre Airbnb Deco Tartelette

Paris Airbnb Montmartre | Deco Tartelette

la maison rose via deco tartelette
We spent our first day exploring the delightful village of Montmartre. We had brunch at the famously pink La Maison Rose which did not disappoint.

la maison rose brunch via deco tartelette
Quiche Lorraine pour moi et Quiche Au Saumon pour mon amour…

Montmartre via Deco Tartelette
A bit of ambiance in Montmartre…

rose petal gelato montmartre | deco tartelette
After walking the steep, cobblestone streets of Montmartre for the majority of the day, we treated ourselves to a Rose Petal Gelato from Amorino…the perfect fuel for an afternoon of shopping. Claudie Pierlot was one of my favorites. There were so many locally owned boutiques in the neighborhood…we simply hopped from one boutique to the next, stopping at cafes to rest our feet in between. It could not have been more wonderful…

le consulat paris via deco tartelette
Oh Montmartre…

Montmartre Rooftops | Deco Tartelette
You stole our hearts…

Paris Airbnb | Deco Tartelette

Eiffel Tower Light Show via Deco Tartelette

la balancoire paris | deco tartelette
We ended our day with a extraordinary dinner at La Balancoire…escargots, hamburgers, Bordeaux, pâté, endive salad…and somehow we saved room for chocolate mousse.

See Part 2 of our Paris adventure here!

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Photography by Nicholas Winslow + Cassie Winslow
Film photography shot with Olympus 35RC, hand-developed



October 2016



LONDON! Part Two…

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Sketch London | Deco Tartelette
SKETCH! This place is a piece of art! I have been dreaming of having afternoon tea here for years. As soon as we booked our trip, I immediately made reservations.

Sketch London | Deco Tartelette
We had afternoon tea in the Gallery Room. Pink velvet chairs, hand-drawn illustrations covered the walls, zig-zag marble tile…everything was so pretty and so eclectic.

Sketch London Afternoon Tea | Deco Tartelette
The tea sandwiches were unusually delicious and you could eat as much as your heart (or tummy) desired. I felt like I was Alice in Wonderland…

Sketch London Afternoon Tea | Deco Tartelette

Sketch London | Deco Tartelette
Even the ladies’ room was photo-worthy. Each stall was an individual egg-shaped pod and the ceiling looked like a rainbow-colored checkerboard.

Sketch Afternoon Tea | Deco Tartelette
Going to SKETCH was a highlight of our time in London and I highly recommend it. Be sure to make reservations far in advance as rumor has it, they book up pretty quickly.

SOHO London | Deco Tartelette
After we filled our bellies with tea treats, we wondered around SOHO taking in the charm which was a delightful mix of antiquity and modernity.

Soho, London | Deco Tartelette

Bob Bob Ricard | Deco Tartelette
Bob Bob Ricard is just around the corner from Sketch. We sat at the bar and had a glass of Champagne. The interior was gorgeous. Blue leather everything, gold trim and molding, and the staff wore pink bow ties. The food looked delicious as well.

Fish and Chips at Golden Union London | Deco Tartelette
We discovered the most delicious fish + chips at Golden Union. The fish was so light and tender and the chips were perfectly crisp.

Liberty London | Deco Tartelette
While in SOHO, Liberty is definitely worth a stop. It’s one of the most beautiful department stores I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Liberty London | Deco Tartelette
Every detail has been tended to…from the floral upholstered vanity chairs in the beauty department to the colorful tile in the entryway…there’s even a flower shop on the first floor!

Colorful street in Chelsea London | Deco Tartelette
After exploring SOHO for most of the day, we headed to colorful Chelsea. This was another neighborhood we just loved. The architecture was so regal and there were alleyways and side streets filled with pastel-colored buildings.

Bywater Street Chelsea, London | Deco Tartelette
Filled with boutiques and lively restaurants, exploring Chelsea was the perfect way to spend our last evening in London. We dined at Goat, feasting on their delicious pizza and sipping on glasses of Nero d’Avola…

Have you been to London? What are some of your favorite spots?

See Part One of our London adventure here!

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October 2016



LONDON! Part One….

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Colorful Street in Notting Hill London | Deco Tartelette
We just returned from a whirlwind tour of England, France and Italy and it was quite an adventure to say the least. In two weeks, we traveled to London, Paris, Menton (French Rivera), Cinque Terre (Italian Rivera), and Milano. Every stop was so unique, filled with delicious food, lots of walking, and exploring. We rented Airbnbs for our entire trip which worked out perfectly for us. It was so nice having a private apartment to retreat to…and we both love to cook so it was lovely having access to a kitchen as well…

Pink Doors of Notting Hill London | Deco Tartelette
London was our first stop. Full of color and character, London was filled with pub hopping, afternoon tea, and trekking miles through the city to take in as much as we could in just a couple of days.

Biscuiteers Notting Hill London | Deco Tartelette
Notting Hill was the first neighborhood we explored. The boutiques and storefronts are absolutely adorable.

Ottolenghi Notting Hill London | Deco Tartelette
We stopped at Ottolengi’s Bakery in Notting Hill for coffee, a scrumptious strawberry cake, and an egg salad + watercress sandwich on sourdough. It was the perfect way to start our day. We nibbled on our goodies as we strolled towards the famous Portobello Market.

Portobello Market Notting Hill | Deco Tartelette
The Portobello Market is a vintage lover’s heaven. Booth after booth of vintage coats, dresses, English tea sets, and old books. We browsed for hours…

The Churchill Arms Pub in London | Deco Tartelette
The glorious Churchill Arms is a must-stop. It’s a traditional English pub that so happens to have a Thai restaurant in the back as well. I have never seen so many potted flowers in my life.

Church Hill Arms | Deco Tartelette
The outside of the building is covered with potted plants as is the ceiling inside. There are even potted flowers in the hallway to the bathroom, and IN the bathroom stalls themselves. It’s pretty over the top which I loved of course.

St. Pancras International Vintage Purple Car London | Deco Tartelette
To get around town, we purchased an Oyster Card for the London Underground right when we arrived which was very useful. You can hop on and off the tube or a double-decker red bus at any time without having to purchase separate tickets for each trip. It was very convenient!

Big Ben | Deco Tartelette
Big Ben at dusk is spectacular. We wandered around Westminster Abbey and walked through St. James Park for a nighttime peek of Buckingham Palace.

Big Ben London | Deco Tartelette
We made our way towards Covent Garden and stumbled upon Byron Proper Burgers and we were so happy we did. Their burgers are delicious! We were too full to try a milkshake but everyone around us was drinking one and they looked divine. Next time!

Byron Burgers Covent Garden London | Deco Tartelette

See Part Two of our London adventure here!

Shop: Trench, Red Corduroy Skirt, Blouse, Sunglasses, Sneakers, Handbag c/o, Scarf (Vintage)

Photography by Cassie Winslow by Nicholas Winslow