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April 2017

Lilac Sugar Greyhounds

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Lilac Sugar Greyhounds | Deco Tartelette
Mmmmm…Lilac Sugar Greyhounds…what a wonderful way to celebrate this time of year! I love creating a lilac cocktail every year as the season is quite short yet oh so lovely! My pantry is now stocked with homemade lilac sugar which makes me smile as it means there is lots of floral goodness in my future (and yours too!).

I hope you enjoy this delicious beverage as much as I do! Cheers!

Lilac Sugar Greyhounds | Deco Tartelette
Lilac Sugar Greyhounds
Makes two cocktails
2 tablespoons lilac simple syrup (recipe below)
Juice from 2 large organic grapefruits
4 ounces vodka

Fill two tumblers of your choice with ice. Divide the grapefruit juice then add two ounces of vodka to each. Drizzle in one tablespoon of lilac simple syrup in each cocktail. Mix. Garnish with a slice of grapefruit and a sprig of lilac. If you prefer a mocktail, simply omit the vodka and replace with a splash of water. Cheers!

Lilac Sugar Greyhounds | Deco Tartelette
Lilac Sugar Simple Syrup
1 cup homemade lilac sugar (recipe below)
1/2 cup filtered water

Place lilac sugar and water in a saucepan over medium heat, stirring occasionally until the sugar has completely dissolved and the mixture has thickened into syrup. Remove from heat and allow to cool. Pour into a clean, airtight container and store in the fridge. Lilac syrup is delicious drizzled on chocolate ice cream or Lemon Poppy Seed Pancakes… enjoy!

Lilac Sugar | Deco Tartelette
Lilac Sugar
1 cup organic sugar
2 tablespoons fresh, organic lilac petals

Place all ingredients in a small bowl. Mix. Voila! Lilac Sugar. Also delicious sprinkled on watermelon or in these delicious chocolate chip cookies. Enjoy!

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Photography + Recipe by Cassie Winslow

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