Los Alamos

The Alamo Motel Los Alamos, California | Deco Tartelette
Los Alamos is a delightful little town in between San Luis Opisbo and Santa Barbara, California. This charming town has loads of character packed into its two-block, one street village. There are only a handful of restaurants yet each serves exquisite cuisine and of course, local wine from its surrounding Santa Barbara County wineries. If you are looking for an adventure filled with good food, wine, and eclectic culture, hit the 101 with your windows down, a vintage scarf in your hair, and head to Los Alamos.

Alamo Motel Los Alamos, California | Deco Tartelette
I spent one night in Los Alamos on a solo trip over the weekend. I booked a room at the newly renovated Alamo Motel, complete with a claw foot tub and the cutest decor. If you are looking for a quick trip and a relaxing place to kick up your feet, this getaway is simply perfect…

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Bob's Well Bread | Deco Tartelette
When I wasn’t in my cozy room reading a book or taking a relaxing soak, I was browsing the antique shops and enjoying the wonderful restaurants. Bell Street Farm is a great place to enjoy a glass of rosé and a light, delicious salad whilst sitting on the patio, breathing in the fresh, country air…and one must dine at Full of Life Flatbread…hands down the best pizza I’ve ever had…

Coffee in bed at the Alamo Motel Los Alamos, California...J.Crew Striped Pajama Set via Deco Tartelette
Enjoying a cup of coffee with the morning sunlight lighting up the room…
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Bob's Well Bread Los Alamos via Deco Tartelette
…and just a short, lazy stroll from the motel you’ll find Bob’s Well Bread

Bob's Well Bread Los Alamos | Deco Tartelette

Pepita + Avocado Toast Bob's Well Bread via Deco Tartelette
I ordered the avocado toast with roasted pepitas, fresh arugula, and a poached egg…it was absolutely divine…

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Oh Los Alamos, you sweet little thing…you won my heart…see you soon…

Photography by Cassie Winslow

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