:: Paris, Part 1 ::

paris airbnb via deco tartelette
We began our 2 day adventure in Paris lounging in cafes, drinking coffee, and people watching…this set the tone for our weekend in the City of Lights. We were so entranced by the Parisian pace of life… everyone seemed to be taking their time. Beauty and charm were everywhere, especially in Montmartre where we rented a perfectly Parisian apartment perched atop a quintessentially French building complete with a view of the Eiffel Tower.

Montmartre Airbnb Deco Tartelette

Paris Airbnb Montmartre | Deco Tartelette

la maison rose via deco tartelette
We spent our first day exploring the delightful village of Montmartre. We had brunch at the famously pink La Maison Rose which did not disappoint.

la maison rose brunch via deco tartelette
Quiche Lorraine pour moi et Quiche Au Saumon pour mon amour…

Montmartre via Deco Tartelette
A bit of ambiance in Montmartre…

rose petal gelato montmartre | deco tartelette
After walking the steep, cobblestone streets of Montmartre for the majority of the day, we treated ourselves to a Rose Petal Gelato from Amorino…the perfect fuel for an afternoon of shopping. Claudie Pierlot was one of my favorites. There were so many locally owned boutiques in the neighborhood…we simply hopped from one boutique to the next, stopping at cafes to rest our feet in between. It could not have been more wonderful…

le consulat paris via deco tartelette
Oh Montmartre…

Montmartre Rooftops | Deco Tartelette
You stole our hearts…

Paris Airbnb | Deco Tartelette

Eiffel Tower Light Show via Deco Tartelette

la balancoire paris | deco tartelette
We ended our day with a extraordinary dinner at La Balancoire…escargots, hamburgers, Bordeaux, pâté, endive salad…and somehow we saved room for chocolate mousse.

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Photography by Nicholas Winslow + Cassie Winslow
Film photography shot with Olympus 35RC, hand-developed

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