Watermelon Pluot Gin + Tonics

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Watermelon! Stonefruit! All of the summertime goodies peak in August and I am gobbling it all up! We recently stopped at a roadside fruit stand off of Highway 1 while out on a little mid-week family excursion…the watermelon was so delicious, we couldn’t wait until we got home to enjoy it and cut into it roadside. We did save a bit to make these delicious Watermelon Pluot Gin + Tonics…watermelon is so sweet and refreshing while pluots add just the right amount of tartness to make this beverage wonderfully balanced….

Watermelon Pluot Gin + Tonics

Watermelon Pluot Gin + Tonics

Makes 4 cocktails
2 cups watermelon + pluot juice (find the how-to in the directions below)
8 ounces gin
1/2 cup tonic

Watermelon Pluot Gin + Tonics
Take about 2 cups of chopped watermelon and 2 pluots with the seeds removed and place in a blender. Blend then run through a fine mesh sieve. Use about 2 cups of the juice and evenly distribute between 4 tumblers of your choice (I used these which are a favorite). Then, evenly distribute gin and tonic. Add ice to fill glasses. Garnish with a slice of pluot. Cheers!

If you are looking for more watermelon cocktail recipes, try our Watermelon Lavender Margaritas!

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